The Wellbeing Service consists of the Health Service, the Mental Wellbeing Service and the Counselling Service.

The left-hand menu will link you to the pages for all three services (with detailed information and how to book appointments), as well as Self-Help Books, Factsheets, Webpages, Helplines, Apps and advice on urgent and/or help out-of-hours.

Are you experiencing social anxiety or performance anxiety?

During term-time The Wellbeing Service will be offering Drop-Ins.

Drop Ins are:-

  • 20 minutes long;
  • one-off slots to provide information and support;
  • some time to structure a self help program;
  • a useful way to find out details of other services and how to contact them;
  • a place to find out more about counselling and/or mental wellbeing support before you decide if it is what you want or need.

The Wellbeing Service Drop-ins are available at:-
  • Treforest Campus, Advice Zone – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 2pm and 2:30pm
  • Cardiff Campus, Advice Zone – Monday and Wednesday 2pm and 2.30pm

Please telephone 01443 482080 before travelling to the Drop-ins to ensure they are taking place. These are two twenty minutes slots offered on each day that drop ins are available and these are allocated to the first two people who arrive at the drop in time. Please note that these appointments cannot be booked before 2pm.

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