We’re always pleased to receive your feedback. It helps us meet your needs more effectively and improve the Mental Health Service.

You can give feedback by contacting us via We also post an annual evaluation questionnaire on this website where you can give anonymous feedback.

What have students said about us?

The quotes below are from completed Student Evaluation Questionnaires and identify aspects of the Mental Health Service that students found most helpful:

  • My confidence and my ability to keep things in control and feel happier.
  • Having somewhere safe and someone I could talk to has made a big difference to me and how I cope. Also being able to speak to somebody who is non-judgemental and who doesn’t tell me what I should and/or shouldn’t do is very helpful.
  • Advice, reassurance, liaising with other departments & outside organisations, help with general concerns/worries. Overall very good.
  • I was helped to keep positive about my work and keep my mind on track.

What if I have a complaint?

The Wellbeing Service, of which the The Mental Health Service is a part, has a complaints procedure in place.