USW Mental Health Support

What the Mental Health Service Offers:

  • Advice, support and information about what may help.
  • An opportunity to talk through your difficulties in confidence.
  • Co-ordinate admission arrangements, facilities and study support to enable you to begin, continue and graduate from your studies at the University.
  • Help you access Disabled Student Allowance.
  • Help to arrange extra support and adjustments, for example mentoring, exam provisions, equipment.
  • Refer you to the Counselling Service if appropriate.
  • Explore lifestyle changes which may lead to improvements in your mental health and well-being.
  • Discuss where you might access further support.
  • Recommend self-help strategies for managing your mental health along with the demands of academic study and University life.
  • Liaise with your department, if required. Please note, we will not contact your department without your consent.
  • Recommend the most appropriate ongoing support for you, which may include follow-up meetings with the Mental Health Adviser.
  • Support you during and after a break from studies or hospital admission.
  • Talk to other staff to improve their understanding of how you may be affected and what type of support is required.
  • Work with students on issues that commonly arise, such as:
    • anxiety problems and panic attacks,
    • problems with motivation, procrastination or lethargy,
    • difficulties with concentration, organisation, or time-management,
    • avoidance and isolation from friends, family and/or academics,
    • persistent focus on negative aspects of experience,
    • perfectionism, constant worry and obsessive or compulsive behaviour,
    • low self-esteem, confidence or assertiveness,
    • sleep problems or unhealthy eating patterns,
    • self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

If you feel you may benefit from this service please contact us to find out how to make an appointment.

What you can expect

  • Our staff will treat you with respect and put your needs and interests first.
  • Information about you will be treated as strictly confidential within our Confidentiality Code and Data Protection procedures.
  • Our Advisers are experienced mental health professionals.
  • Your first appointment will be for up to 50 minutes.
  • You may be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about your mental health and we will explain our procedures and our confidentiality code.

How you can help us improve our service

  • We welcome your suggestions for improvements via the individual Advisers or through our Feedback.
  • We will offer you the chance to say what you think about the help you were given through student reviews and evaluations of service.
  • We will tell you how to complain if you feel you have not received a good service from us.


The Mental Health team are:-