Please Give Us Feedback About Our Service

We are always pleased to receive your feedback. By telling us what you think you help us to meet your needs more effectively, and hence improve the Mental Health Service.

You can give feedback by contacting us via We also post an annual evaluation questionnaire on this website. We welcome feedback anonymously.

How we’ve responded to your feedback:

  • We have tried to deal with your Disability related queries at MWA appointments, so that you are not asked to book appointments with too many different members of staff.
  • We fitted a 'Queue Here’ rail at Trefforest Student Services reception, to improve privacy when you request appointments.
  • Frosted glass partitions were erected at Atrium to improve the privacy of the waiting area.

What have students said about us?

The quotes below are from completed Student Evaluation Questionnaires.

Aspects of the MW Service that students identified as most helpful included:-

  • (MWA) is very approachable and looks at all ways to help me cope etc. at uni. ......
  • I didn’t have to wait long before I could see someone.
  • Dealing with issues as they arose, talking through problems.
  • Having somewhere safe and someone I could talk to has made a big difference to me and how I cope. Also being able to speak to somebody who is non-judgemental and who doesn’t tell me what I should and/or shouldn’t do is very helpful.
  • Seeking help to improve my mental health via medical and social interventions.
  • She (a MWA) is a good listener. And the medication helps.
  • I was referred to a service outside the university who were qualified to deal with my specialist problem.
  • The MWA understood my concerns well.
  • Learning to understand the causes of my problems and strategies for coping.
  • I received a great deal of help from (a MWA) in obtaining support from the LEA [through Disabled Student Allowance]. When I was distressed she was there for me. She gave many practical solutions to problems I had. I was very impressed with her ability and approach.
  • The staff at the service desk (StuServ Reception) are impeccable, exceedingly patient, kind and understanding. I have been very impressed with the organisation as a whole which has made my life at the university much more rewarding. Thank you.
  • I was helped to cope with distressing thoughts and was informed of alternative coping mechanisms involved in self-harm.
  • She (a MWA) is very caring and makes you feel comfortable, even when you can’t talk about things.
  • She doesn’t push but understands.
  • My confidence and my ability to keep things in control and feel happier.
  • Being available for me to talk; it was my personal tutor who told me about the MWA.
  • Advice, reassurance, liaising with other departments & outside organisations, help with general concerns/worries. Overall very good.
  • Putting things in perspective, listening to my problems, checking how I was.
  • If I hadn’t seen the MWA I was going to drop out of uni. She has made me aware that there are other ways to cope with things.
  • Seeking help to improve my mental health via medical & social interventions.

And further comments….....

  • The MWA has been an excellent help throughout this year; we were in contact prior to starting uni which made a HUGE difference to my experience of starting here. She referred me to counselling which has been an amazingly insightful experience, and has liaised with my buddy worker. She also accompanied me to a very daunting appointment at the Health Centre, provided me with info relevant to my condition even before I started @ uni and has kept in touch via email – a very helpful service which I’ve recommended to a lot of my friends.
  • On the whole I would like to express my admiration for the service that is provided by the MWA and counsellors at the University. If it wasn’t for these I would say that I’d be in a very different position today.
  • Given resources for help with financial matters, made lecturers aware of my difficulties & organised extensions for me. Confidential attitude made it easier for me to seek help where I otherwise wouldn’t. Also ran through how I was finding things, what I couldn’t cope with and effects of my illness. I see a psychiatrist, but help (e.g. counselling) could have been offered otherwise. Great service, all aspects were covered.
  • (MWA) has provided support and reassurance throughout the year. She has liaised with tutors several times and is extremely intuitive and empathic. She has attended appointments with me and always answers calls or emails very quickly. She is the best!
  • I was helped to keep positive about my work and keep my mind on track.